2 May - 7 May 2017

Tocumwal Golf and Bowls Club Golf Results 2/5 - 7/5/17

On Tuesday the ladies played 4BBB Stableford for the RWH Hospital with 28 pairs playing. Division 1 winners were Robyn Benbow/Michelle Field with 45 pts Division 2 winners were Julie O'Brien/ Margaret Anderson (Finley GC) 43 pts..NTP's went to Michelle Field 2nd. Gayle Blakey 17th.

Wednesday saw 112 men playing Par on the white course with Division 1 won by Darren John (Finley GC) the winner with a great score of 7 up followed  by Ross Sidebottom 3 up, Division 2 was won by Stephen Conrick (Finley GC) 2 up on c/back from Paul Astin.. Ian McFarlane was the Division 3 winner with 5 up with runner up Ricky Bourke  3  up.. Division 4 was won by Michael Calman (Royal Melbourne GC) 3 up  followed by Brian Rooney 2 up.. NTP's went to Ron Crow 2nd, Brendan Bulley 14th (Torquay GC) Darren John Pro Pin ($98)

On Saturday we had 44 ladies and 43 men playing Stableford with ladies Division 1 won by Trish Frost with 36 pts followed by Michelle Field with 35 pts.. Division 2 went to new member Nannette Mullins with 37 pts  runner up went to Pauline Wilson 35 pts.. NTP's went to Susan Pappas 2nd, Kathleen Garnaut 18th..

Mens Division 1 was won by Brian Morgan with 39 pts followed by Stephen Conrick 38 pts. Division 2 went to new member Terry Mullins 41 pts with runner up Robert Burns 37 pts.. NTp's went to Raymond Bailey 2nd, Paul Olsen 18th...

On Sunday it was Stroke for 9 ladies and Stroke and Monthly Medal Stroke for 81 men with ladies winner being Kathleen Garnaut with 73 net.. Ntp was Shellei Clark on the 2nd..

Mens Division 1 gross winner was Michael Cooper with 74. Division 1 nett winner  was Ian Rundell (Wangaratta GC) with 72 nett on c/back from John Crilly.. Division 2 Gross winner was Phillip Dungan with 88, Phillip was also the Division 2  nett winner with 73..Runner up was Ross Clark 75.. Dennis Frost was the Division 3 Gross winner with 93.. Division 3 Nett winner was Warren Yardy who had 72 which also gave him the Monthly Medal for May. Runner up went to Denis Frost with 74 nett NTP's went to Ian Rundell 2nd, Bruce Cavanagh 17th..

Editorial by Jim Williams