27th March - 2nd April 2018

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  • 27th March - 2nd April 2018

Tuesday 27th saw 60 ladies playing Stableford with Division 1 won by Emma Kennedy with 34 pts followed by Kerry Conrad 33.. Division 2 went to Wendy Bedford 37 runner up was Susan Bull 36. Elizabeth Quick was the Division 3 winner with 41 pts followed by Gayle Edwards 35.. NTP's went to Kerri McKenna 14th, Janine Taylor 18th, Emma Kennedy Pro Pin $44..

On Wednesday we had 106 men playing Stableford from the blue markers with Division 1 going to Mal McKenna 41 pts Mark Kelly was  runner up 40,  Doug Perrett took out Division 2 with 37 on c/back from Nev Fin..Phillip Dungan was the Division 3 winner with 40 pts  followed by Alan Good 39.. Division 4 went to John Carroll  39 Peter Cunningham tok runner up 37.. NTP's went to Peter Cunningham 14th, Ray Watmore 18th, John Washbrook Pro Pin $117..

Friday 30th was the first day of our Easter Tournament that saw maximum fields playing with entries far and wide.. Division 1 went to Mark Kelly 41 pts followed by Peter Bolt 38 on c/back from Michael Rossborough.. Peter Elvey was the Division 2 winner with 43 pts with Maxwell Treloar 39 on c/back from Jamie Harrington..Division 3 went to John Freestone with 39 followed by Simon Mullumby 38 on 3rd place was John Ingram 36..NTP's went to Chris Moot 2nd, Phil Blair 17th..

We had 104 ladies playing Stableford  that saw Division 1 going to Libby Day 40 pts Runner up was Helen Pascoe 39 3rd place was Jenny Bauerle.. Susan Haddon was the Division 2 winner with 47 pts following was Noelene Duncomb 39 3rd place was Renae Pitargue 39.. Division 3 went to Carole Muir 36 following with Prue Leggoe 34 on c/back from Gayle Edwards..NTP's went to Kath Evans 2nd, Valerie Sims 18th..

Saturday 31st was Mixed 4BBB Stableford 4 that saw P. Cheesewright & J Owen taking the win with 47 pts followed by B & H Moloney (Northern GC) 44 on c/back from V & D Palin..

Mixed 4BBB Stableford 1 went to S Hurley & C McKeon (Ringwood GC) 45 pts  followed by C & M Hart  3rd place was T, Thompson & L Atchison 42..

Sunday 1st was  Ladies and Mens Easter Cup - Stroke that saw Division 1 ladies won by Steffanie Vogel with a h/cap of .2 the Gross winner with 70  2nd place went to Hayley Peters 71 nett 3rd place was Jenny Garner 72 nettDivision 2 went to Kerri McKenna 85 gross, Nett results went to Sheree Geall 70 Cheryl Stockdale 71. Division 3 Gross Winner was Kate Arnold 105 with  nett winners Prue Leggoe 70 Ann Robbins 80..NTP's went to Jenny Garner 17th, Lesley Smyth 18th.. Mens Easter cup winner was Caleb Bovalena with a h/cap of + 1.3 the winner with  68 gross.. Nett winners were Barry Gook 68, Terrence Vogel 69. Division 2 winners were Graeme Hogg 82 gross.. Nett winners were Keith Stockdale 69, Charley McKenna 69.. Bud Chappell was the Division 3 Gross Winner with 87.. Nett winners were Charles Hosking 67, Geoff Hamill 68.. NTP's went to Alan Lowndes 2nd, Colin Wearne 2nd..