17 - 22nd Aril 2018

On Tuesday 17th we had 69 ladies playing Stableford that saw Sharon Pyle taking Division 1 with 33 pts followed by Kerri McKenna 32.. Division 2 went to Susan Bull 39 pts with Trish Frost runner up with 37,,Division 3 was won by Carmel Butcher 40 pts  followed  by Mary McMahon 38.. NTP's went to Petra Wilmot 17th, Roslyn Seymour Pro  Pin $46...

Wednesday 18 th saw 110 members playing Stableford from the white markers with Division 1 going to Andrew Nunn with 42 pts followed  by father Phil with 41 pts...Phillip Tribolet was  the Division 2 winner with 40 pts on c/back from Nev Finn...Haydon Smith (Mooroopna GC)took out Division 3 with 42 pts followed by Graham Owen 38 (Dorset GC)  Division 4 went to Jaydon Polo 41 (SGA GC) runner up was Rick Micallef 39.. NTP's went to Phil Nunn 14th, Stephen Conrick Pro Pin $110..

On Saturday 21st we had 54 ladies and 69 men playing Par with ladies Division 1 going to Shellie Clark with 0..on c/back from Kerri McKenna,, Janyce Brown was the Division 2 winner with 3 up followed by Roslyn Seymour 2 up..Division 3 went to Carmel Butcher 3 up Elizabeth Muir was runner up with -1.. NTP's went to Helen Crilly 18th.. Carmel Butcher 18th.. Mens Division 1 was won by Brian Wilson 3 up followed by Neil Bull 2 up.. Dean Page (Isis GC)  was Division 2 winner with 2  up George Martin was runner up 1 up.. Rodney Fergeus took out Division 3 with 2 up  followed by Gerry Lawson 0,, NTP's went to Peter Stokes Snr 18th, Alan Michalowsky 2nd... Men Gold Winner was Alan Penny -4..