12 September - 17 September 2017

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Tocumwal Golf and Bowls Club Golf Results 12/8 - 17/8/17

We had 49 ladies playing Stableford GrandMothers Trophy on Tuesday that saw Division 1 going to Robyn Taverna who had 42 pts followed by Robyn Conrick with 41 pts..Dianne Kemp was the Division 2 winner with 40 pts on countback from Pauline Wilson  NTP's went to Bobette Wilkinson 2nd, Eileen Enbom 8th, Gayle Edwards Pro Pin $39..

Wednesday saw 5 men playing off  the Gold Markers with Leonard Redfern the winner with 2 up..98 men played off the Blue Markers that saw Bryan Eddy taking out Division 1 with 1 up followed by Shane Halloran  0.. Division 2 went to Alan Dalton who had 6 up, Runner up was Paul Taylor 3 up..Geoffrey Gartner took out Division 3 with 6 up followed by Douglas Smith 3 up..Ronald Loversidge was the Division 4 winner with 3 up Albert Sutton took runner up with 2 up  NTP's went to Paul Jones 14th, Adam Purtill 17th..

On Saturday we had 3 men playing off the Gold Markers with Leonard Redfern taking the win with 36 pts.. 38 ladies played Stableford with Division 1 going to Trish Frost 35 pts on c/back from  Helen Crilly.. Michelle Glanville was the Division 2 winner 39 pts followed by Anne Freestone 35 pts, NTP's went to Gayle Edwards 2nd, Trish Frost 17th.. 55 men played on Saturday with Graeme Filippe the Division 1 winner 36 pts Doug Perrett took runner up with 35,, Mathew Whiting was the Division 2 winner 35 pts followed John Bradbury 33 pts, Division 3 was won by Joe Sacco who had 38 pts with runner up Alan Michalkowsky 33.. NTP's went to Robert Burns 2nd, Ronald Loversidge 18th..

Sunday saw 10 Ladies playing Stableford with Janie Hills taking the win with 39 pts.. Mens Gold Winner was William Brady who had 38 pts.,,. 64 men played Stableford off the White Markers with Division 1 going to Paul Olsen  45 pts followed by Craig Keppel 43,, Albert Adams was the Division 2 winner with 43 pts runner up went to Kevin Waller 41 pts, Ian McFarlane took out Division 3 39 pts on c/back from Ricky Bourke.. NTP's went to Ross Sidebottom 2nd, Michael Cooper 18th...

Editorial by Jim Williams...